I found the below video interesting for a number of reasons.

If you read the 2008 book "Groundswell", you'll recall they discussed that the majority of the people in the US that comment on blogs was 14% and creating blogs was a mere 11%. This was 5 years ago. A lot has changed. However, it's a natural conclusion that the majority of people out there are still not comfortable being 100% transparent with their identity while commenting. However, regardless of "identity concerns" that this piece eludes to, with Kinja, the creator of content or a comment does have control by being able to accept or dismiss responses to comments. That is one of the beautiful attributes of this platform and it in part helps solve the problem mentioned in the Today show video. I don't believe you should force people to reveal their identity to engage in a platform. Whether they use their real name or some other name is irrelevant. What will reflect upon their individual social brand is the level of insight and intellect they bring to the table when they choose to create or comment.


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